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Infested plants are often poorly anchored in the soil and usually have very few healthy.

May 01, Mulching with organic materials, such as pine bark, pine needles, leaves, hay, wood chips, sawdust or other organic materials is very beneficial for soil health. Well-maintained mulch can help control weeds, and keep soil cool, loose and uniformly moist. Mulch should be 4 inches to 6 inches deep and cover a 4-foot band of soil centered on a blueberry plant treemulching.pwg: Ocala FL. Pine bark mulch aids in the establishment of young blueberry plants.

Either a layer of pine bark 3 inches deep extending about 2 feet out from the plants in all directions or a pine bark strip about 4 feet wide extending down the row will provide a good substrate for surface feeder roots. After you plant your blueberry bushes, spread pine bark mulch up to 4 feet in diameter around the base of the bushes and 3 inches deep.

The mulch keeps the soil cool, adds organic matter and prevents weeds. Blueberry Bush Maintenance. When you plant your blueberry bushes, prune them so they can grow strong canes and foliage. Choose the strongest and tallest canes, usually about three, and leave Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 21, Proper mulching of the blueberry shrubs will not only protect the root systems, but as it decomposes, it will improve the soil around the blueberry shrubs.

Replenish mulch around the blueberry bushes often to ensure proper growing conditions. Mulch first-year blueberry bushes with a sawdust that has had time to decay and treemulching.pwg: Ocala FL. Jun 07, Apply in a layer 2 – 3” deep around the plants, keeping wood chips a few inches away from the base of the blueberry bushes to avoid fungal diseases.

The causal fungi are usually present in orchards and blueberry fields and cause a number of different diseases on various host plants.

Sawdust is one of the best materials to use as mulch around blueberry bushes. The best sawdust to use is pine sawdust due to its slightly acidic nature; this will help maintain the acidic soil pH preferred by the treemulching.pwg: Ocala FL. We are a blueberry farm where you can pick your own, pick up blueberries already picked, purchase blueberry plants, and buy blueberry jam.

Why buy from a store when you can have fresh, locally grown blueberries? Picnic tables available. Bring the kids and enjoy the country! Sep 21, Soak the root ball of your blueberry bushes until the roots become saturated.

The wood chips will break down slowly because of their high lignin content.

Gently rinse the roots to wash away soil in the roots. Spread the roots over the soil mound and pack soil around the roots. Cover the planting with 4 inches of pine bark mulch in a ring 2 feet out from each treemulching.pwg: Ocala FL.

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