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Need help ridding your trees of tent worms?

Mar 14, Location: St. Petersburg, FL March 7, pm We’ve been seeing many of these drop from our trees recently (mostly from oak trees).

Little bags hidden in tree trunks may be home to thousands of bagworm eggs.

In the past few days there have been hundreds around our house and we’ve been seeing them drop from trees all over the neighborhood this treemulching.pwted Reading Time: 1 min. Jul 21, Little bags hidden in tree trunks may be home to thousands of bagworm eggs. Bagworm larvae infest both evergreen and deciduous trees. They can affect a variety of trees, including red cedar, elm, birch and pine. Larvae emerging from these bags are black.

They spin downward on silk strands hanging from trees, looking for a host plant. Mar 25, Over the last couple of weeks, if you have oak trees, you have probably seen tussock moth caterpillars (Orgyia spp.). They crawl all over anything underneath the trees. Oak trees are a host plant for the tussock moth caterpillar. Usually the caterpillars do not have much effect on the oak trees. Most commonly in Florida, you will find either the fir tussock moth (Orgyia detrita) or the whitemarked.

Mar 03, It turns out that the worms, which are small and white, aren’t actually falling from the sky, but rather from an oak tree (or so we surmise – more on this in a moment). The small white worms fall onto our reader’s car and truck, which are parked under an oak treemulching.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Fall Webworms In summer, fall webworms build their tents at the ends of tree branches.

These small, brown or gray worms are actually caterpillars. They can be identified by the long white hairs. May 01, Tent worms, or Eastern tent caterpillars, are furry critters that eat tree leaves and weave large, silky webs around tree branches. You’ll spot them in spring, usually on black cherry, apple or crabapple trees.

Sometimes, they’ll go after other fruit trees, too.

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